Like a lot of you, Betsy and I got more serious about what we were eating as we learned more. Surprised at how much "food" wasn't even really food anymore, we were tired of making compromises about how our family eats.

We looked around for food we could trust and ended up starting our own farm.

Our farm's emphasis on pasture raised slow-growth and heritage breeds produces the most flavorful, healthy and humane meats available. With free year round deliveries to the metro area, we're a great way feed your family the healthiest food.

One taste and you'll be hooked -- Most other farmers raise Cornish-cross chicken and other breeds designed for factory farms. We operate like a cooperative CSA with delivered seasonal packages up to 12 times per year.

Members can customize their budget and package contents. Each delivery we recommend a package based on each member's preferences and they may change or skip that delivery if they prefer.

We offer FREE delivery throughout the metro area.

For more information, visit: www.tc.farm

About Products & Animals

All of our animals:
- thrive on lush green pasture
- free choice organic and transition organic feed
- are heritage / slow growth breeds

- use any sort of growth drug
- use GMO grains
- any other of the million gross shortcuts everyone seems to use

We offer:
- Well marbled grass finished and dry aged beef and lamb.  
- No-soy pork
- Pasture raised chicken, duck, turkey and eggs
- Organic spiced sausages
- Warm and serve organic seasoned meals

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Important Info!
  1. Will deliver locally up to 40 miles away
  2. Allows for pickup
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